Cameras are one of the necessities today. Whether you are an influencer, attending an online meeting, or simply want to click a profile picture without compromising quality. Despite the common availability of camera modules, many users still need help finding the right ones.

Fortunately, all these hassles end with a 4k camera module by SuperTek. Although mobile cameras offer excellent picture qualities nowadays, they are not suitable for all use cases. Let’s look at some fantastic features this camera module provides and how it elevates your everyday user experience better than other options.

A Quick Insight Into 4k Imx415 Camera Module

Although the device functions magnificently, it is essential to know some tech-savvy details. Let’s take a quick look at some specifications before jumping into why this module is crowd-appealing.

Supertek’s 4K camera module is constructed upon the Sony Starvis sensor. However, it also features a dedicated DSP (digital signal processor) to adjust white balance and exposure scales automatically. You can easily use it for applications like video conferencing, head-on image shots, machine vision, and other face detection setups.

Reasons Why 4k imx415 Is Worth The Expense

If thousands of camera modules are out there, why should you opt for this one? It is a common and valid question most buyers ask. The following section addresses this concern.


The camera works on plug-and-play technology, so you don’t have to install additional drivers or make other setups for using it. All you have to do is plug in the camera in the USB port of your device, and you are all set to go.

SuperTek’s camera module complies with USB 2.0 standards and supports YUV Streaming and MJPEG formats. The device is apt for video conferencing needs, security systems on Kiosks, and other high-end tasks like machine vision.

Excellent Image Quality and Electronic Shutter

Image resolution is the most crucial factor for camera modules. Therefore, manufacturers spared additional thought to ensure 4K image quality. The image dimension is 3840H by 2160V with a pixel size of 1.45um(H) by 1.45um(V).

In addition, to the superb image quality and excellent pixel dimensions, an electronic shutter is included to customize the length of the light entering the camera.

Feature Adjustability

Automatic feature adjustability is one of the rare properties of camera modules. However, with imx415, you don’t have to worry about adjusting exposure, white balance, sharpness, or brightness. The auto-detection features of the camera ensure that the scales are automatically adjusted in every light setting.

High-Quality Output Formats

The compatibility of output formats is a critical factor when purchasing cameras. Imx415 supports all standard formats, including MJPEG and YUY2. You’ll get 3 to 30 fps (frames per second) in YUY2 format, while 2 to 30 fps in MJPEG formats.

Good Operating System Compatibility

What good is a camera module if it doesn’t work with your personal computer? Therefore, SuperTek designed the module to work with all standard operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, and Wince.

The Bottom Line

Camera modules are necessary for almost all kinds of uses. However, choosing the correct device require intense research. Therefore, the excerpt discusses all the essential features of imx415. Apart from its high-quality output, it also offers good OS compatibility, auto-adjustment features, and plug-and-play capabilities.

Moreover, the module is customizable and works impeccably in increased temperatures and humidity levels. The most common off-shelf dimensions offered by Supertek are 38 by 38 mm and 90 by 15 mm. However, there is significant room for client specifications as well.

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