A collection of drinking and eating utensils that has a rustic feel might benefit from the inclusion of wooden cups. However, drinking vessels made of wood should be kept from water since exposure to moisture may cause the wood to fracture or warp. There is an abundance of easily accessible waterproofing protectants for wood at hardware supply shops; however, the majority of these protectants are not safe for products that will be used for drinking.

Non-toxic products are preferable. However, to ensure that the wooden cup is impervious to water, you may need to use such a substance more than once. Drinking out of wooden cups treated this way is quite safe, and the cups are often rather lovely.

Step 1

Apply the non-toxic sealant to the inside and outside of the cup using the little foam brush. While doing this, ensure your hands are protected by wearing impervious gloves. Polyurethane coatings are impervious to water and may be applied in areas where children are present without risk. Sealants made of oil or wax are superior for sealing ancient wood objects but are not as water-resistant as urethane-based choices.

Step 2

After allowing the cup to air dry for a few hours, use the stearated, self-lubricating sandpaper to smooth the surface of the wooden cup. The sealant should have another layer applied. Repeat this process until all four coats have been applied successfully. Sanding the final coat is not necessary.

Step 3

You may use oil as an alternative sealer to protect your wooden cup from moisture. Because oiling is not a permanent waterproofing solution, you must regularly repeat the operation. On the other hand, oil imparts a visually pleasing aesthetic character to the wood. Linseed oil, Danish oil, teak oil, and mineral oil are all excellent choices for finishing wood goods. Repeat this process until the wood can no longer take in any more oil by massaging the oil into it until it is absorbed. Allow the item to dry for a full day.

Method For Lubricating A Wooden Cup

A wooden bowl, purchased at a shop or built by hand, is a beautiful object that can be used in your house for various purposes, including decoration and the storage of food items such as fruit and vegetables. Oiling a wooden cup is a woodworking procedure that makes the wood water-resistant and protects it from chipping and scratching. It also makes the wood chip-resistant. To properly oil a wooden cup. You will need a few fundamental woodworking items, widely available at most places specialising in craft or construction supplies.

Step 1

Use some dishwashing liquid and water to clean the bowl thoroughly. It should be dried using a hand towel. To ensure that the bowl becomes dry, you should invert it and set it on a towel on a counter.

Step 2

Wipe the inside and outside of the wooden cup using a dust cloth to remove any dirt or debris.

Step 3

Get a clean towel and rub some wood oil all over the inside of the bowl. Several types of wood oils are available, including linseed oil and teak oil, and most craft shops carry them. Apply the oil all over the wood, allowing it to dry for a full day.

Step 4

Apply an additional layer of oil to the inside of the wooden cup. Leave it out in the open air to dry for another day.

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